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Thank you for visiting our Leicestershire Place-names Quiz. Our challenge was to devise a quiz that wasn’t easily answerable through a bit of googling. The result is a mixture of questions where every answer is the name of a place in Leicestershire (this includes the City of Leicester and Rutland). It could the name of a town, a village or hamlet or a place of interest ( e.g. castles, halls, parks, abbeys).

The clues are a mixture of the general knowledge, for instance: 
Scene of Richard III’s last stand (7,5) Bosworth Field
and cryptic questions, for instance:
Sound like a flying saucer? (6) Frisby 
Some are a mixture of both and there’s the odd anagram too.
The number of letters in each answer is given to help you.

 If you wish to try and win our prize of two tickets for any future screening at Dadlington Village Hall’s Screen on the Green, then please send your answers to dvhquiz@gmail.com by June 16th 2020.

You can download the quiz here if you wish to print it off or fill in the answers to email.

​Good luck and enjoy!

Please note: Changes have been made to the original anagrams in questions 2 and 33 so they now work!

The quizmaster wishes to apologise profusely to anyone who has wasted their time trying to solve impossible clues.

1.         Formerly known as Drayton-in-the-Clay (5,7)

2.        Hur or throw it back (anagram) (8,8)

3.         Where the PG Tips chimps lived (8,3)

4.         The direction of TV’s chat show Graham? (4,6)

5.         A Luxury Refresh and Revive treatment will cost you £178 at this spa (7,4)

6.         Thanks to God (5-4)

7.         Frank, played for Leicester from 1972 - 77 (11)

8.         End of current navigation going north on the Ashby Canal (10)

9.         Where Lynam or O’Connor could cross the water (7)

10.      Motorway service station (9,6,4)

11.      Type of eel alongside granite (11)

12.      Home to the National Dive Centre (6,4)

13.      I think a Louis Vuitton one may well be around £1,000! (8)

14.      Where you’ll find the Golden Mile (8)

15.      Ennobled goalie? (4,7)

16.      No tram stop rest. (anagram) (7,7)

17.      Most northerly village in the county known as ‘The Lady of the Vale’ (10)

18.      Is this where many on the Titanic ended up? (8)

19.      Home of the Duke of Rutland (7,6)

20.      Roof ends of a timber building? (9,5)

21.      C major with a Liberal leader (9)

22.      Small area of farming land commonly found in Scotland (5)

23.      The destination for the winner of this quiz (10)

24.      Current bottle-kicking champions (8)

25.      Women’s undergarments next to a dove’s home (8)

26.      Grand Union set of ten plus an inclined plane here (6,5)

27.      Tragic Shakespearean character by the sound of it (5)

28.      Birthplace of the Nine Days Queen (8,4)

29.      Mainwaring’s number 2 (6)

30.      Church of England retreat and conference centre (6,5)

31.      A place where Victoria’s consort might live (6,7)

32.      Childhood home of woman known as ‘The Mother of Computing’ (6,7)

33.      Thuggees’ col (anagram) (11)

34.      Under EU rules, only pies made within a 10.8 square mile zone around the town can use its name (6,7)

35.      Sounds like a Brunel steamship (5,6)

36.      Home of an agricultural college (8)

37.      Seasonal insect, we hear (7)

38.      Scene of 1989 air disaster (8)

39.      A large east coast tidal estuary alongside marble (11)

40.      The village has one of only six dairies licensed to produce Stilton (4,7)

41.      Something for nothing? (6)

42.      Unfinished fortification begun in 1480 by William, Lord Hastings (5,6,6)

43.      Beg PayPal man (anagram) (7,5)

44.      Small patch of colour with a body part (8)

45.      No. 24’s opponents (9)

46.      In French, a Midlands city (7)

47.      The church here contains a memorial to Sir Henry Firebrace, courtier and friend of Charles I (5,7)

48.      Olivier Award winning US musical (8)

49.      Meat substitute (5)

50.      What a WW1 German soldier wore in the trenches? (7)

51.      Composer of Façade and Belshazzar’s Feast (6)

52.      Spouses with a battle of 1485 (8,8)

53.      Its church is one of only 3 National Trust properties in Leicestershire (8,6)

54.      Climb on a herb (11)

55.      Onto new land grub (anagram) (6,9)

56.      Western terminus of Leicestershire’s oldest railway (11)

57.      Sounds like a tasty organ (5)

58.      Name of British 70s/80s boxer who four times lost whilst attempting to win world titles (6)

59.      What you get if you leave Granny's cooking pot in the sun (9)

60.      They knew the meaning of cleaning (9)

61.      Setting for Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘Ivanhoe’ (5-2-2-5,6)

62.      Author of Loot on the 1996 F1 champion driver (5,2,3,4)

63.      Its Constitutional Club was once the home of the country’s shortest serving Prime Minister (7)

64.      Embarrassed measurement (7)

65.      Home to a Maize Maze and Leicestershire’s only model village (6)

66.      Garden storage for a Blue Peter dog (8)

67.      You’ll find hundreds of horseshoes hanging on the walls here (6,6)

68.      Is this where the landlocked African state gets its water? (8)

69.      Destination of the first Thomas Cook trip (12)

70.      Hal, note manor then (anagram) (9,2,5)

71.      If Higham’s on the hill and Stoke’s in the vale, where is for buttermilk? (5)

72.      Sounds like they could be over, great, rain or fur (5)

73.      Village where Geoffrey Fisher, 99th Archbishop of Canterbury, grew up (6-2-3-4)

74.      One of the items the ironmonger erroneously gave Ronnie (4)

75.      Village whose hill is the highest point in both Leicestershire and the National Forest (6)

One final question…

In the case of a tie, can you estimate the gross annual salary of the vicar of Stoke Golding and Dadlington in the year 1880?