Thank you to everyone who took part in this quiz.

Here are the answers:

1.         Fenny Drayton - Formerly known as  Drayton-in-the-Clay

2.         Kibworth Harcourt - Hur or throw it back (anagram)

3.         Twycross Zoo - Where the PG Tips chimps lived

4.         East Norton - The direction of TV’s chat show Graham?

5.         Ragdale Hall - A Luxury Refresh and Revive treatment will cost you £178 at this spa

6.         Grace-Dieu - Thanks to God

7.         Worthington - Frank, played for Leicester from 1972 - 7

8.         Snarestone - End of current navigation going north on the Ashby Canal

9.         Desford - Where Lynam or O’Connor could cross the water

10.      Leicester Forest East - Motorway service station

11.      Congerstone - Type of eel alongside granite

12.      Stoney Cove - Home to the National Dive Centre

13.      Bagworth - I think a Louis Vuitton one may well be around £1,000!!

14.      Belgrave - Where you’ll find the Golden Mile

15.      Earl Shilton - Ennobled goalie?

16.      Potters Marston - No tram stop rest. (anag)

17.      Bottesford - Most northerly village in the county known as ‘The Lady of the Vale’

18.      Seagrave - Is this where many on the Titanic ended up?

19.      Belvoir Castle - Home of the Duke of Rutland

20.      Woodhouse Eaves - Roof ends of a timber building?

21.      Keythorpe - C major with a Liberal leader

22.      Croft - Small area of farming land commonly found in Scotland

23.      Dadlington - A destination for the winner of this quiz

24.      Hallaton - Annual bottle kicking venue

25.      Brascote - Women’s undergarments next to a dove’s home

26.      Foxton Locks - Grand Union set of ten plus an inclined plane here

27.      Leire - Tragic Shakespearean character by the sound of it

28.      Bradgate Park - Birthplace of the Nine Days Queen

29.      Wilson - Mainwaring’s number 2

30.      Launde Abbey - Church of England retreat and conference centre

31.      Albert Village - A place where Victoria’s consort might live

32.      Kirkby Mallory - Childhood home of woman known as ‘The Mother of Computing’

33.      Hugglescote - Thuggees’ col (anagram) 

34.      Melton Mowbray- Under EU rules, only pies made within a 10.8 square mile zone around the town can use its name

35.      Great Easton - Sounds like a Brunel steamship

36.      Brooksby - Home of an agricultural college 

37.      Somerby - Seasonal insect, we hear

38.      Kegworth - Scene of 1989 air disaster

39.      Humberstone - A large east coast tidal estuary alongside marble

40.      Long Clawson - The village has one of only six dairies licensed to produce Stilton cheese

41.      Freeby - Something for nothing?

42.      Kirby Muxloe Castle - Unfinished fortification begun in 1480 by William, Lord Hastings

43.      Appleby Magna - Beg PayPal man (anagram)

44.      Fleckney - Small patch of colour with a body part

45.      Medbourne - No. 24’s opponents

46.      Enderby - In French, a Midlands city

47.      Stoke Golding - The church here contains a memorial to Sir Henry Firebrace, courtier and friend of Charles I

48.      Hamilton - Olivier Award winning US musical 

49.      Quorn - Meat substitute

50.      Huncote - What a WW1 German soldier wore in the trenches

51.      Walton - Composer of Façade and Belshazzar’s Feast 

52.      Husbands Bosworth - Spouses with a battle of 1485

53.      Staunton Harold - Its church is one of only three National Trust properties in Leicestershire

54.      Mountsorrel - Climb on a herb

55.      Newton Burgoland - Onto new land grub (anagram)

56.      Swannington - Western terminus of Leicestershire’s oldest railway 

57.      Tonge - Sounds like a tasty organ

58.      Sibson - Name of British 70s/80s boxer who four times lost whilst attempting to win world titles

59.      Nanpantan - What you get if you leave Granny's cooking pot in the sun

60.      Sketchley - They knew the meaning of cleaning

61.      Ashby-de-la-Zouch Castle - Setting for Sir Walter Scott’s novel ‘Ivanhoe’

62.      Orton on the Hill - Author of Loot on the 1996 F1 champion driver

63.      Burbage - Its Constitutional Club was once the home of the country’s shortest serving Prime Minister

64.      Redmile - Embarrassed measurement

65.      Wistow - Home to a Maize Maze and Leicestershire’s only model village

66.      Shepshed - Garden storage for a Blue Peter dog

67.      Oakham Castle - You’ll find hundreds of horseshoes hanging on the walls here

68.      Chadwell - Is this where the landlocked African state gets its water?

69.      Loughborough - Destination of the first Thomas Cook trip

70.      Normanton le Heath - Hal, note manor then (anagram)

71.      Wykin - If Higham’s on the hill and Stoke’s in the vale, where is for buttermilk?

72.      Cotes - sounds like they might be over, great, rain or fur 

73.      Higham-on-the-Hill - Village where Geoffrey Fisher, 99th Archbishop of Canterbury grew up

74.      Hose - One of the items the ironmonger erroneously gave Ronnie 

75.      Bardon - Village whose hill is the highest point in both Leicestershire and the National Forest

 The answer to the tie-break question regarding the gross annual salary of the vicar of Stoke Golding and Dadlington in the year 1880 was £20.




​​Dadlington Village Hall