1843 Tithe Map Owners

 ​       Shenton Road                                      Green - East                                  Green - West

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Ashby Canal Plans 1792-4

1571 - 1850 Baptisms,
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Baptisms 1851 - 2000
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1843 Tithe  Map
The actual map cannot be put on the site due to copyright.

Boundary Maps

​19th Century                                                                    20th Century

A transcription with commentary by William T Hall.


These are PDF files that contain scanned images of the transcriptions from Parish Registers. They are currently not searchable but there is a name index on PDF downloadable below.
Transcriptions by Rev. Chris Gash.

​This PDF file contains John Nichols' survey (published 1795) plus a more recent survey with drawings by ​Mrs Jean Jones.

1851: Transcribed by William T Hall.

This is a searchable PDF file.

1891: Transcribed with a short summary

1911:Transcribed with a short summary

Transcription from the roll attached to the 1843 tithe map

1843 Tithe Map  field names, owners & occupiers, & outlying home occupiers overlaid on a 2015 aerial view.​

​​Dadlington Village Hall

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