​​Dadlington Village Hall

Dadlington Village Hall
Conditions of Hire & Use


Maximum occupancy             100 people

Maximum seating available      60 people



The Hirers are responsible for the supervision of the premises and its contents and the behaviour of those using the hall. At least one adult must be in attendance at all times during an event.



Arrivals and departures must be conducted quietly as a courtesy to local residents. All doors and windows must be kept completely closed when music is playing.


​The Village Hall Management Committee has a premises license that covers the sale and provision of alcohol. It is against the law to sell or provide alcohol to persons under the age of 18. We operate a Challenge 25 policy: it is very hard to tell a young person’s age, so ensure that you check even those that look older than 18.  If they look 25 or under then check for proof. 


The car park can accommodate 6 or 7 cars. Any overspill can be parked around The Green but not on the grass itself nor across private driveways.



Smoking is forbidden by law in any part of the Village Hall.



Emergency Exits

During events, both exits must be kept unlocked, with the outer side door secured open.



If the electrical power trips off, remove all electric plugs from the sockets and with off the cooker and the wall heaters in the main room. The circuit breaker in the cupboard on the northern wall can then be reset.



Stiletto heels must not be worn in the Hall.

In the event of damage to the premises or loss of or damage to any equipment, the Hirer will be charged for the first £100 for repairs and/or replacement.

Bouncy Castles

​Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate bouncy castles either inside the hall or on the flattened area outside the building.


Vacating the Hall

​Music must finish by 23:00 and the Hall must be vacated by midnight.

The four wall heaters in the Hall, the water heater in the ladies/disabled toilet, the cooker isolator on the kitchen wall and all lights must be switched off. The frost protection heaters in the toilets, kitchen and store cupboard must remain switched on.

All windows must be closed and both doors locked.


Cleaning & Tidying

The Hall, kitchen and all furniture used must be left as clean and tidy as you found it.

Chairs must be stacked no more than 8 high.

Tables must be folded and returned to the store room.

Waste should be taken away by the Hirers for disposal or recycling. Small amounts of non-recyclable waste may be bagged and placed in the wheelie bin.

For evening events and with the agreement of the Management Committee, the cleaning can be carried out the morning after the event.



All outstanding payments should be made to the key holder as soon as is practicable.


Fire & Emergency

In the event of an emergency, call 999 and ask for Fire, Police or Ambulance as appropriate.

In the event of fire, evacuate the Hall by any available exit.

There is a dry powder extinguisher by the kitchen door , afire blanket in the kitchen, and a foam extinguisher in the Hall.

A first aid box is located in the kitchen.


A copy of these conditions can be found on the notice board in the main Hall.